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Monica’s story:

By patriciaberry | February 25, 2024

Are you wondering what it will be like to work with me in my upcoming on-line fundraising coaching community?
Let me share Monica’s story, a founder and CEO of a nonprofit serving those experiencing pregnancy loss.
Join my on-line fundraising coaching community before the first enrollment closes on March 4, 2024. Contact me to find out how!

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Learn fundraising at your own pace with my on-line coaching & training program

By patriciaberry | February 23, 2024

Hi, it’s Patricia checking in again about my online fundraising coaching program. As a reminder, I’m only inviting 10 people into this first wave of participants and sign up closes on March 4th. Reach out to me at or (313) 288-8582 to get more details and see if this program is right for you! […]

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A Peek Behind the Scenes of The Confident Fundraiser’s Framework, my new on-demand fundraising coaching program

By patriciaberry | February 21, 2024

Only 10 spots available in this first wave of sign-ups for The Confident Fundraiser’s Framework, my new on-line fundraising coaching program. Enrollment closes March 4, 2024. Reach out today to get more information and see if you are the right fit for this program: | (313) 288-8582

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Why did I create an on-demand coaching & training program?

By patriciaberry | February 19, 2024

I created this program because once I learned that I could be my authentic self, the ME that was me at my best, I became a better and happier fundraiser, and raised more money to boot! You can be yourself and kick ass at fundraising. Come join the conversation and learn how to bring out your best, most authentic self while joyfully asking for money to support your work.

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What if you deepened relationships through fundraising, and not in spite of it?

By patriciaberry | February 17, 2024

Beginning in March 2024 I’ll be helping 10 people create a systematic fundraising practice that seeds itself, increasing donations year after year. Sign-up ends March 4, 2024, so reach out today!

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It’s Officially a Fundraising Coaching Program!

By patriciaberry | February 15, 2024

I’m launching a new group coaching program where I will personally help you create a fundraising practice that begins to seed itself for long-term growth, one that has you looking forward to doing the work of fundraising and sets you and your organization on the path to long-term major giving success. 

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Hey fundraisers & fundraising curious, I have a quick question…

By patriciaberry | February 13, 2024

Would you join a group that supported and trained you to be the best fundraiser you can be?

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White Women Friends & Colleagues: Join me on LinkedIn Live for an “Unlearning Series”

By patriciaberry | March 18, 2023

Join me on LinkedIn Live on March 20th @ 1:30PM EST to kick off a community reading of “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better.” Check out the LinkedIn Event for details.

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Relationships as Wealth and Lunar New Year

By patriciaberry | January 24, 2023

  The Lunar New Year is one of the few holidays I really dig in to, albeit in my own western-white-Buddhist cultural flavor.  I missed it this year due to illness (the whole house had COVID, despite our maxxed vaxxed status) and loss and illness of loved ones.  I gave myself some grace about not […]

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Workshop: The Journey of Becoming

By patriciaberry | January 9, 2023

Interested in making decisions and goal-setting easier in 2023? It’s easier (note I didn’t say easy) when you start with your vision, with “who” you and “why” you are. Answering that question is the bedrock for creating the processes and goals that feel authentic, vibrant and fulfilling. I always start with “WHY” when working with […]

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Patricia in all her greying blonde glory is sitting at a colorful seat in a coffee shop, drinking a LARGE mug of get-shit-done coffee. She has round glasses on in hopes that they make her look smarter. She is smiling wryly, she is celebrating caffeine and also that Giving Tuesday is OVER!

Move over #GivingTuesday, it’s now #WTFWednesday!

By patriciaberry | November 30, 2022

When I think about this time of year, one of things that activates my clients in fundraising is Giving Tuesday. What should I be doing for Giving Tuesday? And oh my gosh, the end of the year people are gonna wanna give at the end of the year, I should have a campaign!  My answer […]

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If your fundraising practice was a garden. . . .

By patriciaberry | November 18, 2022

“And don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.” ~ Rumi

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