What if you deepened relationships through fundraising, and not in spite of it?

Copy of CCF Launch Day #5 The Follow-up

Beginning in March 2024 I’ll be helping 10 people create a systematic fundraising practice that seeds itself, increasing donations year after year. This 12-month training program creates fundraising clarity through on-demand, step-by-step training, guidelines, templates, coaching and case studies. Participants create a practice where asking for money is second nature, and they are not attached in a painful way to the outcome. With a mindset and to-do list focused on the work of fundraising, including clear steps for moving forward, success is inevitable, and intrinsically tied to the positive growth of the entire organization.

Why am I offering this?

1) Because asking for money can be lonely, and a community of trust and knowledge to turn to can give you the foundation to ask for money with integrity and ease.

2) Learning that there are NO MISTAKES in asking for money, only conversations is FREEING! Take the fear out of your fundraising practice by embodying this permission-based approach when asking for donations.

3) Realizing that you are not held hostage to unresponsive donors, and knowing when and how to let go and move on to new conversations in a systematic way clears your head and keeps you in a successful fundraising mindset.

Are you ready to discover your own fundraising superpowers? Shoot me an e-mail, text or a private message and I’ll tell you all about the next steps. I can’t wait to have you join us! This is going to be EPIC!

patricia@patricia-berry.com | (313) 288-8582