Workshop: The Journey of Becoming

Interested in making decisions and goal-setting easier in 2023? It’s easier (note I didn’t say easy) when you start with your vision, with “who” you and “why” you are. Answering that question is the bedrock for creating the processes and goals that feel authentic, vibrant and fulfilling. I always start with “WHY” when working with clients. Decisions become clear and the work becomes more joyful, more true to who you seek to become. For those of you in the Detroit area, I am doing an in-person workshop on creating a personal vision along with core values and actions to start 2023 on your own road to Becoming. Please come join us! It promises to be a transformative conversation.

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Workshop Description:
Creating Your Journey of Becoming: A Workshop Series to welcome in 2023!
Bring your best self forward for 2023 with a journey of self-discovery, of Becoming your best self. Dump that old “new year, new me” grind and dig deep into your inner knowing to create a mission-guided approach toward the year ahead. In this series of workshops, we will use a hands-on creative process to bring forward and clarify your personal mission, your “becoming” of your best, most true self. Once you have defined your personal mission, discover your own core values that will guide decision making and purpose, and then finally, create an achievable action plan and habit forming activity for living deeper into your mission and values in 2023.
You already know where you are meant to be, you just need to discover this knowledge within yourself and put it into daily practice. I look forward to meeting you at your mission!
We offer two options at registration; sign up for the first class stand alone, or commit to your full journey by signing up for all three classes. This workshop series creates a space of trust and practice with participants as we share our discovery of our own mission and values.
There are two different prices for this workshop:
$55 for the first class session (Sunday, January 22nd)
$150 for the 3-class series (Sun. January 22nd, Sun. February 5th, Sun. February 19th)
In order to sign up for this class, please complete registration on the given Calendly link. After registration is complete, you will receive an official Paypal invoice from Stone & Spoon within 24 hours of registering where you will complete your payment & secure your spot!

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LOCATION; The Gallery at Stone & Spoon – 110 West Michigan Ave Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 at 2-5 PM
The Journey of Becoming; Discovering my Personal Mission
In this class we will use creative reflection activities to discover your personal mission and purpose, the YOU you seek to become when you are at your very best.
*Participants will leave with a journal that includes their newly created personal mission of Becoming for 2023

Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 2-5 PM
The Journey of Becoming: Discovering my Core Values
Pre-requisite: attended 1/22/23 Discovering my Personal Mission
Continue your journey of self discovery by creating your Core Values. Life can throw us a continual series of complicated decisions, and it can be difficult to know what to choose on any given day. Developing a set of personal core values to weigh against this never-ending banquet of options makes choices easier, and keeps you lovingly on the path toward your best self, your Becoming.
*Participants are asked to bring their journals of Becoming, along with their work from 1/22/23 Workshop to build upon.
*Participants will leave this workshop having created three core values that support their mission of Becoming

Sunday, February 19th, 2023 at 2-5 PM
The Journey of Becoming; Discovering my Action Plan
Pre-requisite: attended 1/22/23 Personal Mission & 2/5/23 Core Values
Continue your journey of self-discovery by digging deep into your personal mission and core values to create an action plan rooted in goals and activities that feed your best vision of yourself, your Becoming. This workshop will build on the work you have done creating your own Mission and Core Values to create both a clear sense of activities to support that work, as well as an embodying activity that you can take home to create a habit forming supportive practice. Re-join workshop participants who have journied with you over these three sessions for conversation, creation and celebration of all that is possible.

Participants will leave this workshop:
*Having created a 12-month action plan supporting their personal mission and core values
*With an embodying activity of becoming that they can use at home to celebrate and support their journey away from the group.

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