A Peek Behind the Scenes of The Confident Fundraiser’s Framework, my new on-demand fundraising coaching program

Confident Fundraiser's Framework

Only 10 spots available in this first wave of sign-ups. Enrollment closes March 4, 2024
Reach out today to get more information and see if you are the right fit for this program
patricia@patricia-berry.com | (313) 288-8582

Thank you to everyone who has approached me and had a discovery call about my upcoming on-line fundraising coaching program. The response has been wonderful, and I’m so grateful to connect with so many old friends and colleagues in the process of launching this program.

I’m only welcoming 10 people in the first wave of sign-ups for this program. I really want to create an experience that’s tailored to you and what you want to achieve. The things that I’m hearing in these discovery calls with people who are interested in the program have really helped me reframe how I’m going to deliver the trainings. I hear you about wanting to get started fundraising right away. So right out of the gate, we’re going to have a basic training on our approach for permission-based fundraising, and how to do that in an authentic way that feels really right for you and the community you’re fundraising with and for.

And we’re going to match that kickstart to a one-on-one private coaching hour with me so that you can use those two things together to get out and get started fundraising right away. Whether you’re a new fundraiser or whether you’re an experienced fundraiser, it’s going to help you kickstart and/or refine your approach. And then you come into the rest of the training program, as well as the online coaching calls each week, and we can talk about what you’re experiencing and refine it and then go out and do some more. It’s a powerful integration of learning and doing and then reflecting and refining.

I have 10 slots open for the program. Enrollment closes March 4, 2024. Reach out to me. I would love to give you more details and have you join the community.

patricia@patricia-berry.com | (313) 288-8582

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