Transformative partnerships for fundraising success

I help organizations create a transformative culture of generosity by building a donor’s trust that they play an integral role in a nonprofit’s mission


Are you an Executive Director, Dean, board member or leader of an organization that depends on fundraising? Let’s work together to discover the tools you will need for an authentic approach to fundraising that fits your personal style and the needs of your mission.

Professional Development

My approach is to bring into focus the existing tools, culture, and resources already ripe for a fundraising application. Let’s work together to discover opportunities and create a foundation that will fuel your growth.

Leadership Transitions

I can step in to keep your gifts on track, manage staff, and even help you make an outstanding new hire during a transition period. Your fundraising program will thrive while you decide what’s the next best step for your organization.


Fundraising is difficult and can be uncomfortable, but Patricia’s kind, flexible, and easy-going approach helped me learn to do it more effectively. In my experience, consultants stand behind their process because it’s worked for them time and again; Patricia stood out because she took the time to learn, ask questions, and adapt her process to fit what we want to accomplish and our style of asking for support. Her way of challenging is a good form of tough love, and through it, I learned how to communicate better and be a better advocate for Small Giants. Before working with Patricia, our fundraising was considered more transactional. Patricia flipped that model and taught me the value of storytelling, talking about impact in meaningful ways, and aligning the donor’s values closer to our mission. 

Hemsa Daher

Executive Director, Small Giants Community

The culture of Building Matters Ann Arbor centers around joy and abundance – two feelings exactly opposed to how people typically feel about fundraising.  My goal in working with Patricia was to help my board and I change our thinking around philanthropy, moving beyond traditional transactional approaches to getting gifts towards thinking about every relationship as part of a thriving, mutually beneficial ecosystem.   She encourages big thinking and big-dreaming and helps develop well-documented plans and processes to support it all.  Patricia is thoughtful in her preparation and responsive to the needs of clients. She comes to the table ready to help create both a vision and a plan, and her follow-through is thorough. I recommend Patricia to anyone looking to raise their organization’s philanthropy to the next level.

Jessica A.S. Letaw

Executive Director, Building Matters Ann Arbor