It’s a good day when I get a loving recommendation from someone I admire deeply. . .


Oh my heart! What lovely comments from Yodit Mesfin-Johnson from Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW) regarding our fundraising coaching and collaboration work together. This was part of a wonderful event “First Look: The NEW Design Reveal Party” on September 15, 2022. NEW is a treasured organization that I have learned, collaborated and worked with as I continue to explore anti-racist approaches to fundraising. ¬†They have an expansive, justice oriented approach that is making bold strides toward a truly energizing vision of what work and community can become if we put our values at the center of our conversation. Check them out, give to the campaign, get involved in some truly heart-expanding work in the nonprofit field and beyond

Excerpt from Yodit’s talk about the building design and approach to this campaign:
“Extra love to my very own Jerry McGuire, Patricia Berry (laugh). She is my fundraising coach because I never asked for $15 million. What I love most is that she reminds me all of the time that I am allowed to ask for what I need. I want you to find a coach like her who will encourage you to use swear words in your fundraising manifesto because she’s right, not paying nonprofit workers well is bullshit. Most importantly, Patricia regularly reminds me that when my anxiety is on 10, that it is in fact possible that we will not only construct this business, this vision and this building, but we will and can create a space where real change can happen together. And as she said the other day on Facebook, not only is it possible (to raise $15M), but that we would create ripples of positive possibilities for generations to come. And that really felt beautiful. ”