Creating a Fundraising Manifesto!

Create a Fundraising Manifesto

It has been a joy to work and learn with Nonprofit Enterprise at Work over the last few years.  Their commitment to social justice approaches to work, philanthropy and gathering a beloved community has filled my cup and changed my work forever for the better.  In 2022, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with them on their Fundraising Manifesto.  Partnering with them to create this foundational document felt like a deep breath that expanded my chest and said “there it is, that is what I’ve been wanting and waiting for!”  Creating a version of this document for each client I work with has become a powerful part of my work.  When you tie you fundraising to the values of your organization, the way becomes clear and decisions become far easier to make.  Take a look at NEWs Fundraising Manifesto and see what it inspires in you and your work!


Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW)Fundraising Manifesto | Why do we do this the way that we do?
Created in partnership with Patricia Berry Consulting
updated as of September 2022

 What do we mean by Manifesto?

The word Manifesto is derived from the Italian word manifesto, itself derived from the Latin manifestum, meaning clear or conspicuous. To perceive something by the senses. In this NEW Fundraising Manifesto we seek to make our approach clear, and tie it closely to a value system that seeks to remove the problematic power structure of traditional philanthropy. Sharing your wealth with our work is a partnership. Distributing our wealth through our programs and our people is also a partnership.  


NEW Organizational Values NEW Fundraising Values
We honor the rich diversity of people, experiences and ideas. We Share Power When Sharing Wealth:  

We prioritize community-centric approaches to power sharing in fundraising.  Everyone in this ecosystem is empowered to say “no” to strings-attached exchanges of wealth, that includes; donors, volunteers, staff, board members, recipients and the organization.

We invest in our people, clients and communities. We Do Not Segment Our Organizational Ecosystem:

We fundraise for general funding only, which minimizes power imbalances between donor and organization.  Funding one part of our organization while starving another does not create the healthy, well rounded ecosystem we are fostering.  General funding allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to areas that need support and growth.

We seek to understand by promoting lifelong learning for ourselves and our clients. We Are Transparent:

We speak clearly to our entire ecosystem about the why, how, and results of our fundraising efforts

We collaborate by supporting each other as team members and through partnerships. We Are Compassionate and Direct:

Before entering a conversation about sharing wealth, we are clear in our intentions, ask permission, and then move forward. A donor will never be “surprised” by a request for money. Occasionally, this will be a hard conversation.

We innovate by encouraging creativity and not accepting the “status quo.” We Will Be Learning and Changing as we Go: 

Philanthropy as it is currently practiced is broken.  Part of our journey in fundraising is to raise the practice while we are raising money.

We deliver exceptional service—every time. We Are Unapologetic/Exceptional In Our Pursuit of a More Just & Thriving Society: 

Our vision of a just & thriving society is uncompromising. To get there, our process is an embodiment of practices of justice and inclusion. If our values don’t align, we won’t be in partnership.


*These fundraising values are also inspired by ideas set-down by Community Centric Fundraising’s 10 Principles: