Professional Development

Let me help you discover the strategy that is right for your mission, vision, and values

Whether it is creating and implementing a specific project that will move your fundraising practice to the next level, evaluating and documenting your current practice, or creating a new fundraising approach from scratch, I will work with you to discover the strategy that is right for your mission, vision, and values.

I have a background as a business systems analyst for Accenture, and more than 17 years in a donor-centered, resiliency-focused fundraising practice at organizations large and small. That means I approach the analysis and the design of fundraising practices in organizations using principles built on donor-centered, whole-systems thinking. This thinking will help stimulate or directly utilize the patterns and resilient features observed in your organization’s natural ecosystem.

    In our work together, we will 

    • Create a deeply donor-centered outlook and approach that will result in long-term philanthropic relationships.
    • Connect the project and strategy directly to your organizational mission, vision, and values.
    • Discover and document systems “as they are” and pinpoint where things are going well and where improvement can be realized.
    • Work with, rather than against, your current organizational ecosystem, employing thoughtful observation and taking into account all the functions of your organization, rather than treating fundraising as a single product system.
    • Develop clear measures of success and expected outcomes for each project before we begin work.
    • Invigorate natural partners for your fundraising program, both inside and outside of your organization.
    • Determine how to develop the strongest donor-centered program or project using the most efficient amount of employee effort and infrastructure.
    • Fully document each project with the goal of having it become a permanent part of your practice, which staff can build and improve upon as the needs of your organization grow and change.

    Take the first step toward clarity.