Leadership Transitions

Let me help you move ahead when you’re without a development director.

The loss of a director of development can have costly consequences in lost gifts, employee hiring and replacement costs, and a dilution of the mission and vision of a thriving program. With the turnover rate for non-profit fundraisers standing at a whopping 16-18 months for rank and file, and only marginally longer for fundraising directors of development, it is inevitable that your organization will encounter a gap in fundraising leadership at some point.

 I can help you not only keep your fundraising ecosystem up and running during a gap in leadership but also partner with you to make the kind of organizational and hiring changes necessary for you to avoid costly turnovers and interruptions in your program.

Together, we can:

  • Strategically expand the relationship tree for key donors so that they always feel a connection and commitment to your organization, despite inevitable turnover of fundraising staff.
  • Ensure that all operations, solicitations, events, relationships and outstanding asks remain on schedule.
  • Use the opportunity to analyze and make strategic recommendations about your existing program. This includes everything from projects, events and activities to staffing.  We can even develop a new job description and recruitment phase together to find you the best possible director of development to meet your unique mission, vision, values and goals.
  • Give you the time you need to determine the next best step for your fundraising program, without feeling forced to make a decision on hiring before you are ready.

Ready to keep moving forward?