Group learning experiences tailored to your organizational culture, group size and style

Let’s work together to design a group learning experience that is self-directed and sustainable when you go back to your desk.

To become relationship-focused fundraisers, individuals need to build muscles of empathy, creativity, visioning, and enthusiasm. I create workshops, conference presentations, and learning experiences that empower groups to build visioning, donor/client empathy, strategy and problem-solving skills.  From “donor/client relationships 101” to strategies for securing transformational major gifts, I engage the tacit knowledge of an audience in hands-on, movement-rich, and laughter-filled group experiences that inform, motivate and provide practical experience that participants can take into their day-to-day practice.


In designing a learning experience, we will 

  • Outline the goals of your learning experience before the design begins.
  • Scale the size and format to your needs.  I work with large conference groups (500+), all the way through intimate Zoom learning sessions for 3-7 people.
  • No matter the size and format, create a learning environment that is discovery-oriented and learner-led.
  • Use learner-focused, tacit knowledge learning strategies to tap into the personal knowledge of participants, and then connect this knowledge to your organizational mission, vision, and values.
  • Create documentation opportunities that allow the learning to continue long after the session is complete.

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